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Little Lovely Things

At first, you think that Little Lovely Things is going to be a thriller. Two little girls stolen at a gas station and a mother and father desperate to find them. But, this book will surprise you. It is not only gritty and heart pounding. It is solemn and heartbreaking. It is also hopeful. A good book will take you on a journey. And that, Little Lovely Things will do.

Claire, mom of little Lily and Andrea, becomes so sick and struck with guilt and grief that she is wilting away to skin and bones. A metaphor for her loss. Her husband, Glen, decides to push his grief away and focus on feeling emasculated by his wife in order to cope with his loss. The novel brings you to a marriage going through a real crisis and what happens to relationships when we are forced to deal with unimaginable circumstances.

The book is filled with other interesting, dynamic characters. There are glimpses of cultures that were not well known to me and I was eager to learn about the people that became part of the story. From Gypsies to Native Americans, a little bit of the outskirts of America become a forefront.

Jay, a recovering alcoholic Native American with a pure heart is so damaged but so like able.
And Moira, a gypsy girl with a hard past, becomes someone that you beg to make the right decisions. Little Bird keeps you hopeful with her feisty attitude and strong will. Howard, well, let’s just say, we all need a Howard in our lives. And of course, Gretchie, the Boston Terrier who brought levity when it was desperately needed. Everyone needs a Gretchie, too!

Even though the book felt very character driven, there were moments where the description of the surroundings appealed so well to my imagination that I was there with them. I could smell the pines and feel the cold lake water and I could imagine the claustrophobic feel of a closed in trunk.

Have you ever screamed at a character? This will happen when you read Little Lovely Things. There were so many near brushes with answers that it was head spinning!

Little Lovely Things is the kind of book that, when you finish, you have to just stop for a second and savor what you have just been through. It was a force.

Thank you to Smith Publicity and Sourcebooks Landmark for a review copy of Little Lovely Things in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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